Business Development and Media Production Services



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head of Business Development

Barnabás Málnay has extensive experience in working with tech startups, having held management as well as business developer positions both in equity-based startup programs and in nonprofit organizations. He is business developer at the Budapest node of EIT Digital and partner at the hardware and IoT startup accelerator Smartware.Tech. In addition, he is managing director at the Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster and founder at CEE-Fintech. Earlier, he was partner at early-stage startup advisory and investment formation White Summers Cofounder; business development director at AVEC, a startup accelerator launched by one of Hungary’s largest VC groups, the DayOne-PortfoLion Group; director of external relations and development at Kitchen Budapest, Magyar Telekom’s innovation lab; and senior advisor at Magyar Telekom’s Innovation and Business Development Directorate. He studied social and political theory at ELTE and CEU in Budapest, and at Stanford University, where he also worked as a teaching assistant and instructor in various teaching programs.


Head of Media Production

Juan Amin has more than 20 years of experience in the media business, working as service producer and line producer for such top-tier production companies as Pioneer Productions, Flatpack Films, and PPM Film Services. She has been involved in the creation of some of the most exciting television advertising for top brands all over the world, as well as documentaries, music videos, TV programmes, and feature film projects. 


head of innovation

Miklós Gábor has a long track record of research and innovation related projects in the field of ICT, Education, Health and Economic Development. He is an experienced project manager with proven skills in both strategy making and operations management. Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, he has a multidisciplinary academic background with an MSc in business administration and pedagogy from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (BUESPA), a Master’s degree in communication and management of cultural policies from LUMSA, Rome, and a diploma in Post Graduate Legal Studies from ELTE University. He is a business developer at the Budapest node of EIT Digital and member of the Future Internet LivingLab Association of Budapest.